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InfraBlocks Closes a Strategic Partnership and Investment with US-based Ogni Capital

Singapore, November 17th, 2023 – InfraBlocks, the pioneering climate fintech and investment group, based in Singapore, is thrilled to announce the successful closure of a strategic partnership and investment with Ogni Capital (OC), a US-based group.

InfraBlocks is known for its one-stop approach to decarbonization, monetization, and climate financing. This strategic investment with OC will propel our expansion into new markets, including USA. With a focus on technological development and the exploration of AI solutions for carbon markets, InfraBlocks is poised to disrupt the landscape of climate finance.


The global push towards achieving net-zero emissions presents a significant challenge for carbon-intensive sectors. To address emissions that are difficult to eliminate in the short-to-medium term, such organizations often resort to purchasing carbon credits. However, ensuring the quality and reliability of carbon credit portfolios remains a primary concern.

On the other hand, carbon emission reduction projects face the challenge of accessing capital markets to fund their capital expenditures. These projects, often characterized by innovative approaches and a high-risk profile, need to demonstrate the high quality of their carbon credits.

The InfraBlocks Technology Solution:

InfraBlocks is dedicated to solving these challenges by providing a one stop approach to decarbonization, monetization, and financing of emission reduction projects. Our carbon credit marketplace, powered by blockchain technology, offers cutting-edge project finance and technology, project development, and credit portfolio services.

By streamlining the investment process in emission reduction projects, InfraBlocks aims to unlock better carbon price discovery. Leveraging best-in-class remote carbon monitoring and verification technologies, we ensure transparency and trust in the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Having received the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Financial Sector Technology and Innovation (FSTI) proof-of-concept (POC) grant since its inception, InfraBlocks stands as a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence.

The InfraBlocks Decarbonization Fund:

As a Venture Capital Fund Manager (VCFM) licensee from MAS, InfraBlocks is gearing up to launch a Decarbonization Fund, aimed at investing venture capital in Asia into technologies and offset monetization businesses whose strategic focus is decarbonization through long term sustainability.

About InfraBlocks:

InfraBlocks is a Singapore-based pioneering climate fintech and investment group, acting as a one stop approach to decarbonization, monetization and climate financing. Our blockchain-powered carbon credit marketplace streamlines investment in emission reduction projects, facilitating better price discovery and incorporating top-notch remote carbon monitoring and verification technologies. We are defined by our one stop approach, cutting-edge technology and a global team with expertise spanning project development, climate finance, private equity and carbon credit sales.

About Ogni Capital:

Ogni Capital, a US-based investment firm, has a notable history in backing technology, energy, and environmental initiatives that promote sustainability. This strategic partnership with InfraBlocks aligns with Ogni Capital's established investment philosophy, which focuses on fostering innovative solutions in these sectors. Known for its pragmatic approach to investment, Ogni Capital brings a wealth of experience in identifying and nurturing innovative technologies in the sustainability sector. This partnership with InfraBlocks aligns with Ogni Capital's strategy of investing in ventures that demonstrate potential for significant impact in sustainability development. Ogni Capital views this collaboration as a key step towards the creation of a fund dedicated to owning assets around sustainability, further solidifying its commitment to driving progress in environmental stewardship and technological innovation.

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+65 8952 9571

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