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InfraBlocks has released its first collection of carbon credit NFTs equivalent to 20 tons of CO2 on

InfraBlocks, the technology company helping businesses and individuals combat climate change launches its first NFT collection, equivalent to 20 tons of C02.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, June 14, 2022 / -- InfraBlocks (IBT), the technology company supporting businesses and individuals to tackle climate change by leveraging the power of disruptive digital technologies, launches its first NFT collection, equivalent to 20 tons of Carbon dioxide. The NFTs are created to back the Gujarat Biogas Project collaborating with Gram Vikas Trust (GVT). The collection is available on Opensea.

GVT’s initiative aims to work on rural projects for the development of biogas facilities in rural villages. The purpose of the project activities is to set up 27 independent biogas plants (digesters) for serving individual households comprising of an average of 4 members each using cattle dung collected from buffaloes and cows. Biogas is a renewable energy source produced by the breakdown of organic matter. The biogas plants capture methane as a major component which is 22 times more potent in comparison to carbon dioxide. Carbon credits developed from such projects help reduce climate change significantly.

Carbon credits are financial instruments that fund sustainability projects around the globe. Each credit is equivalent to 1 ton of reduced Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These tokens are developed through backing various kinds of eco-friendly projects like forestry, renewable energy, Biogas projects, etc. By buying a carbon credit an organization or an individual can invest and support reducing the emission of CO2 and at the same time offset its own carbon footprint. Carbon credits generated by such initiatives can be transformed into NFTs.

When a project issues a carbon credit, a significant portion of the value goes to several layers of intermediaries rather than to the project itself. IBT’s goal is to solve this issue with blockchain technology and through the creation of this NFT to ensure that the investment reaches the project and the value is shared transparently within the community.

IBT’s goal is to take technology and the impact of projects like these to new heights and to achieve the Net-Zero by 2030.

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About IBT:

InfraBlocks Technologies (IBT) is a purpose-driven technology solutions provider co-founded by Cedric Joutet and Shubhomoy Ray, committed to harnessing innovative digital technology to address the world's most critical concerns. IBT engages with worldwide partners to build cutting-edge solutions to generate positive change and transformational development in its communities, driven by its vision for a net-zero future. IBT is located in Singapore and it is actively pioneering sustainable initiatives in a number of countries. It recently received the support of the Monetary Authority of Singapore as well as the Asian Development Bank.

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